Saturday, March 13, 2010

Florida fri-sat

Well after enjoying a few days of peace and quiet, the rest of the fam showed up. They brought a nice little thunderstorm with them and it prevented them from landing at Fort Lauderdale. After circleing Fort Lauderdale airport for an hour they were diverted to Miami to be refueled. They can land plans here during huricanes, I don't get how a little rain prevented them from landing here. We did not do a whole lot on friday due to poor weather.

On Sat, we went deep see fishing. Kristy landed a big Jack Crevalle after about 10 min of fishing. Erick caught a small Bonito, and a small King Mackerel. I landed a big Bonito. My mom and dad did not have the opportunity to catch any fish.

Today we also had great weather!!! It was about time. After fishing we went swimming and hung out on the beach. I added another penny to my treasure collection. I am now up 2 cents!!! I will be extending my search into the ocean in the morning now that the water has calmed down and the jelly fish have washed back out to sea. Erik is flying home tonight, he starts both school and hell week for football on Monday. We wish him the best, but are in no hurry to join him back home.

I am sorry about the pictures. When I was creating this post they were side by side, not sure what happend and could not fix it. I am sure my smart readers can figure out what captions go with whith what pictures.

The princess trying to avoid the poparotsy

Erik should of shared his breakfast with the pigeon the other day. The bird community got even by dropping a bomb on his neck.

The Shooting Star (our fishing boat)

Captain Greg and Captain Dave

One of my future summer homes and some local wildlife

This years canidates for Fisherman of the Year

My catch, The big Bonito

Krsity's catch, The big Jack Crevalle

Erik's 2 little catches, Bonito & King Mackerel

Finally getting some sun

Some underwater fun

Thursday, March 11, 2010


View from the room

The pigeon wanted to join us for breakfast

Walking along the beach

Lots of dead jellyfish along the beach

Dinner at Bubba Gumps

Treasure hunting

My treasure so far
The weather here has been windy and overcast with scattered showeres but has at least remained in the 70s. Dad and Kristy will arrive at some point tomorrow.

Monday, March 1, 2010

EPA: Bottle 13 and Unknown

I apologize for this post being a long time in coming. EPA Bottle 13 and Andrew's Bottle (# is unknown) were consumed on the twenty-third night of January 2010. It was Andrew's going away party. For those of you who don't know, Andrew was leaving for basic training on January 27th. Andrew and I had decided that we would start the night off by drinking a beer that had been made with our own sweat, labor, and intellect: Escanaba Pail Ale.

The Beer is cold and we are ready

We are a little nervous at this point due to the amount of sediment that can be seen floating around in the bottles. Others at the party are suggesting this may not be a good idea...

What do they know. We made it, soo it must be safe....Bottles raised, we toasted to a good night, a safe journey for Andrew, and for Andrew to make an acquaintance with a camel preferably female for his sake.

Down the hatch

It was delicious!!!

The rest of the night couldn't have gone any better. Andrew made it safely to Fort Jackson in South Carolina. The army did not turn him away for having any strange toxins in his blood. Its been over a month since the tasting and we both are alive and well. I hope everyone enjoys EPA just as mush as we did. Looking forward to the next brewing. Hopefully we will have a better supervisor who has more faith in us next time. Or I get promoted to supervisor because of my excellent work record and the current supervisor has to experience what it is to be like a common laborer. It will help him to become a better supervisor one day.