Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cabin Update July 4th

The Den
looks like most of the paneling is up

the closet under the stairs
new paneling on the left old on the right, it matches pretty well
 Main Room
 it got cleaned up on friday, when we got there thursday night there was a saw in the room with lots of sawdust on everything
 Hallway To Bathroom & Mudroom
 walls in the bathroom, mudroom, and upstairs rooms have all been primed and painted
no toilet, think the plumbing is hooked up though
no sink yet
no real door yet
 Upstairs Bedroom Facing Backyard 

 no parking past the cones because of the new septic field, we should make some kind of fence in the future to block it off
 still no railing
 Upstairs Bedroom Facing Lake

tree should be trimmed so it doesn't block the view
lots of natural light keeps the cabin bright all day long no matter what room you are in
 Papa's Bedroom
 roof and chimney still need to be finished
 the precoat before the river rock has been but on the cabin and chimney

 the river rock

If we get to solid weeks of hard work the place could be done, but thats if we get it.  The electric line was suppose to get put in on tuesday not sure if it did.  let me know if you have anyquestions.  pictures from our trip should follow soon sorry for the delay.