Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Day

Yesterday was a busy day. In the morning we cleaned up the camp some in preparation of the Carlson's arrival. Erik headed home with Bandit around noon. Kristy, Chris, Brad, & I headed into Marquette to see some of Brad's favorite places. The first stop was a hill that gave us a great view of Marquette. The second hot spot was a local waterfall that fed into the Escanaba River.

From there we headed into Marquette to walk around town and find some food. Brad recommended this place called Aubrees. They had great pizza. We tried the Zesty Chicken Pesto Pizza and the Chicken Monterrey Pizza and a delicious artichoke dip. I recommend eating there next time you are in Marquette. After dinner, we hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain. It provided us with a great view of Marquette and Lake Superior.

Shortly after we got back to camp, Uncle Jeff and Roy showed up. We took the boat out to go for a quick swim and watched the sunset. Aunt Robin & Katie showed up a little while later and went for a paddle boat ride to find us. We ended the night with a bonfire and fireworks. Uncle Jeff did a great job at providing the viewers of Shagcam with an up close and personal view of the fire and fireworks.

Manservant In Training

Erik & Bandit Getting Ready To Depart
Bandit Wanted To Drive

View Of Marquette From Our First Stop

The Waterfall We Played In

Aubrees Pizza

Our Delicious Dinner

Sugarloaf Mountain

Kristy Climbing / Falling Up The Mountain

Wild Blue Berries Were A Nice Treat On The Way Up

View From Up Top

Falling Down The Mountain


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun On The Lake

Well we had some nice weather in the morning. Around lunch time it got really cloudy and started to rain. However, that did not stop us from playing in the lake. We had another day of tubing, water skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding, & swimming.

Around dinner time the rain really picked up. We got hammered by a storm most of the night. On a positive note, the lake really needs this rain. Hopefully the water level went up.Once again the bonfire is post ponned. For dinner we all headed into Marquette and had a wonderful dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. To kill some time after that we went to Walmart to see the crazy locals. By the time we got home, most of us were tired and decided to call it a night.

It Is Nice To Tow Someone Else's Boat For Once

Bandit Feels That Anyone in the Lake Is In Mortal Danger
Teaching Kevin Price How To Ski

He Had Many Instructors

Chris Knee Boarding

Erik Wake Boarding

Brad Has Some New Friends
We were just hanging out on the lake, when a plane decided to land on the lake...

...the plane didn't stay very long. It took off shortly after landing. I guess someone had to show us how to really fly after seeing Brad fly yesterday.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Da 4th

The first half of the 4th was beautiful. More sun, wind, and temp in the low 90's. We spent most of the morning out on the lake tubing and swimming. In the late afternoon it got overcast and then rained the rest of the night. However, the PIG Tournament still went on. Erik & Chris made it into the final game. Unfortunately they were put one after the other. Erik knocked Chris out and then was knocked out shortly after that. Little Kevin Price won the tournament. Another unsuccessful year for us.

Nobody wanted to stand out in the rain for a bonfire. So the fire is postponed till tonight. We did not have any fireworks to set off. Erik and I forgot to stop in Wisconsin on the way up. We just enjoyed the fireworks that were getting shot off all around the lake.

The Boat Parade

Erik & Brad Double Tubing

Brad Flies A Lot Better Than Erik...

...Lands Better Too

PIG Tournament

Chris Looking Good


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We did not go hiking last night. That trip has been postponed till tomorrow night. Instead we did some more tubing and did a late night pontoon ride around the lake to watch the fireworks.

Some of the Fireworks We Saw

Erik Learns To Fly...

...He Just Needs To Work On His Landings
Erik & I On The Tube

Kristy & Chris Getting Some Sun

Manservant in Training

We are expecting to win the annual PIG tournament tonight. Win or loose there will be a big bonfire. Tune into shagcam to see it tonight. It will most likely be lit between 10-11 local time.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Fun In The Sun

We had another great day at the lake. Lots of sun, a bit windy, and about 95 degrees. We put the Wet Dream in the lake, and it is running!!! We spotted the bald eagle today. We were driving down Shag Lake Drive and the eagle swooped right down in front of the car. He was carrying a fish in one of his claws and continued to fly right in front of us for about 20 seconds. It was really cool and I wished I had my camera.

The Wet Dream Is In The Lake!!!

Playing some PIG to get ready for tomorrows tournament. I have won every game we have played. That means my little brother has lost every game he has played. I know beating him is the equivalent to being the world's tallest midget, but it still feels good.

The Girls Swimming After Their Tube Ride

Chris Getting Read To Try Out The New Tube

Lauren & Kristy Soaking Up The Sun

Our New Friend

We are going hiking in Marquette tonight after dinner. If all goes according to plan we will watch the sun set from on top of some hill Brad is taking us to.

Fire & New Arrivals

After being here one night, it was time for a bonfire. Brad's dad has some scraps laying around that he wanted burned, so we obliged him...

Erik Lighting The Fire

It Burned Nicely

It Was A Very Hot Fire
Had Some Late Night Arrivals

Kristy & Chris Rolled Into Camp Around 1:40 Local Time
For some reason Kristy was a little camera shy and very tired. But I had to do my duty and document her arrival.

Rock Season

There is one positive to the low water level. It has made rock hunting easier. It does not provide adequate cover for the rock herds located around the lake. The rocks have been slow to take up on this and have not realized they are no longer hidden from view. Erik and I took advantage of this and headed for the island to find more rocks for the fire pit.

The Channel Is Very Shallow

The Island has Managed To Increase Its Real estate

Skipping Rocks At The Island

Heading Back To Camp With Our Catch
We hit bottom going through the channel with the extra weight.

We Have 18 Rocks to add to the Fire Pit
The search will continue tomorrow...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun In The Sun

Well we had gorgeous day. Mid to high 80's, lots of sun, and a light breeze. Erik and I spent our morning hanging out with our buddy Brad and his boat. Brad had just gotten a new tube and we decided that today was a perfect day to break it in.

Erik took the tube out for its maiden voyage.

Boat Crew
(we used Brad's boat, its got more power than the Wet Dream & we haven't put the Dream in the water yet)

Bandit is enjoying the lake

Erik on the tube
Like the Titanic, Erik had problems with his maiden voyage

July 1, 2010: Day 1

Hello everyone. Erik, Bandit and I Left home around 6:30am and arrived at camp around 1:45 local time. There were a few construction detours and a very bad stench near the Green Bay area, but other than that it was a pretty smooth ride. It was drizzling a little when we reached camp but that cleared up pretty quick. The rest of the afternoon was partly cloudy and about 72 degrees. There was a chill to the cabin so we started a fire and the cabin quickly became nice and toasty. Erik and I are not used to being here when there is no one to fill the fridge with food for us. So we had to go shopping. It didn't turn out too horrible and we think we can survive the next few days.

We had to start the trip off right by having pasties for lunch. They were delicious. Next on our list was to take care of the jungle that we had for a yard. It takes a lot longer to mow the grass now due to the fact that we have an extra 40 feet of beach front property. It probably would have gone a little quicker if the group before us actually mowed the grass on our new land. It must have been 3 to 4 feet tall in some areas. It took 2 and a half tanks of gas but the jungle has been cut down.

Erik and I put the canoe in the water and decided to go to the island. Before we left we decided that we should take Bandit with us. That probably wasn't the best idea. He liked to walk around in the canoe and shift his wait when we were not expecting him to do so. We some how made the trip without him tipping us over. The channel is probably about a foot deep. Do not think that a motor boat can make it through. If one does the trees that are submerged will probably take off their engine.

The Wet Dream aka The Dream, showed up late last night. We will be putting it in the water in the morning. Finding a dock to park it at may be a problem though. Weather looks promising for tomorrow. Kristy and her boyfriend are expected to show up at some point tomorrow night. I will keep you all updated.

View from the end of our dock. Notice our extensive muck beach and the jungle behind it.

Uncle Mike forgot his underwear on the line.

It is hard to tell, but we have about 9 & 3/4 in of water at the end of the dock. I do believe that it has raised since the camps last visitors.

Manservant in training.

The jungle has been tamed. And yes I am aware that there are a few areas that are still long. Lawnmower could not reach it all. Borrowing a weed wacker tomorrow I think.

Gourmet diner of PB & J, with a side of chips and salsa.

The Wet Dream has arrived!!!