Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dublin & The Kilronan Castle

We started the day in Dublin to see a few more sights before heading on to our next castle.  We visited the Christ Church Cathedral.  It was founded in 1030 and its still standing.  Our next stop was at the Old Jameson Distillery.  They no longer bottle whiskey at this site, but we learned the history and traditions behind Jameson.  The tour ended in a bar with a free sample of Jameson.  Roy and I tried it with ginger ale and Erik took it straight.  From there we headed over to another Jameson bar and it served a variety of different Jameson whiskeys.  We tried there 12 year reserve and yes this time all 3 took it straight.  We also sampled the 12 year distillery reserve and that can only be tasted and purchased at the distillery.  No one else in the world has it, so thats pretty cool.  After our tour, we stopped at the pub Brazen Head for lunch and a pint. I had bangers & mash and it was delicious especially with a nice pint of Carlsberg to wash it down.  Our next stop was at the Dublin castle.  It was a pretty good tour unfortunately they did not give out samples of whiskey.  After the tour we took the Dart (local train) back to our hotel to get the car.  It was time we moved on to our next castle.  It took us about 2 and a half hours to reach Kilronan but we got there in one piece somehow.  All i have to say about this castle is WOW, I cant believe they actually let me in, let alone roy and erik. 

We were hungry when we arrive and were told the only plane still open was this chinese restaurant about 15min down the road.  The gps took us on the back country roads to get there.  So the road was supposedly a 2 lane road.  By that i mean one car fit perfectly in the middle of the road with a couple inches on each side before the ditch.  Im glad we didnt see any other cars otherwise i dont know what we would have done.  Well we got to the restaurant and while we were waiting for it to be ready we went across the street to a local pub to  to have a pint.  This was the best decision of the trip.  We made friends with the bar tender and 3 other locals that were there.  We ended up being at the pub a few hours past close chatting the night away.  It was a priceless evening.  Whoever said that the best place to go in ireland was the pubs in small towns was right.

For some reason I can not upload pictures at the moment will try again later, time to go eat.

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  1. "Erik took it straight"

    Erik is my only real nephew.

    If you guys don't bring back a bottle of that 12 Year old reserve Jameson for Shag, don't bother coming back.