Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The Dunguaire Castle
The Boyle Abbey
Erik was the best at the driving range...golfs a dumb sport anyways
Bangers & Mash from Brazens Head
The Brazen Head Pub (Had delicious food)
Outside the Dublin Castle
The Christ Cathedral built in 1030
Sampling the Jameson 12 year reserve
The Kilronan (second place we stayed)
The Fitzpatrick Hotel


  1. Erik is my only real nephew.

    Bring back a bottle of that Jameson 12 year reserve for Shag. Really. We need it to open the new camp properly.

  2. Thanks for checking on Kristy! Sounds like you have enjoyed the visit but has Erik been running and lifting? FOOTBALL starts in 4 days and he looks a bit out of shape in the pics.