Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ireland Here We Come

Here is our tentative itenery for our trip

Sat the 5th

-Flight leaves ohare at 7 15pm

Sun the 6th

-if the flights on time we land around 9am local time.

-we hope to clear customs, get our bags, rent the car (pray that it’s an automatic), check in, and be done with a short nap by 1:00.

-by 2 we should go to the Guinness tour, it should take about an hour and a half. (I think it takes 25 to 30 min to drive from our hotel to the Dublin city center)

-after the tour we should find food

-improvise our night, most likely in the temple bar area

Mon the 7th

-figure out what time we need to check out by

-Dublin castle

-Jameson distillery

-maybe hop on hop off bus tour for other ideas

-wander around

-Drive to next location, should prob leave Dublin by 6

-Check in and figure out night life

Tues the 8th

-Maybe golf

-Check out some small towns in the area

-Hike around enjoy the scenery

-See what the hotel recommends

Wed the 9th

-Check out and drive to next castle

-Stop in Galway, spend some time there

-Stop at the Cliffs of Moheur

-Check in to hotel

-Go to the local pubs

Thurs the 10th

-Drive to Cork

-Blarney stone & castle

-The old English market

-Do the city on foot

-Drive back to castle

-Enjoy the night

Fri the 11th

-Drive back to Dublin

-Find things to do

Sat the 12th

-Return car

-Go to the airport

-Flight leaves at 1:00pm

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel
The Fitzpatrick Castle First and Last Place We Stay
The Kilronan Castle, The 2nd Place We Stay
Bunratty Castle Hotel and Luxury Spa_main
The Bunratty Castle, The 3rd Place That We Stay

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